About Refractory Bricks



Mullite Insulation Bricks

Q1: What density could produce for light weight mullite insulation bricks?

A1: The minimum density could do is 0.5g/cm3,the max is 1.3g/cm3.Standard is 0.6,0.8,0.9,1.0,1.1g/cm3 etc…

Q2: What is the firing temperature for mullite insulating brick?

A2: Firing temperature or JM23 is 1300C,and 1400C for Jm26,1500C for JM28.

Q3: What is the main application area for mullite insulating bricks?

A3: Its application is widely,mainly in ceramic kiln,steel plant and insulation lining in kiln,it also can contact fire directly.

Bricks for rotary kiln

Q1: For the rotary kiln(such as cement kiln or lime kiln etc.),can do design the whole kiln?

A1: Yes,of course.We have the professional engineer teams,we not only can provide our designing scheme showing each zone used specification and sizes,but also we can provide the installation manual.

( Bricks for cement kiln mainly include: Magnesia chorme brick,Magnesia spinel brick & hercynite brick )

Q2: For the rotary kiln(such as cement kiln,lime kiln.etc),what bricks do u recommend?

A2: We will design different bricks against different zones,like sintering zone,we usually recommend to use magnesia chrome bricks or magnesia ferro spinel bricks,some European customers choose our magnesia ferro spinel bricks used in kiln,which performance is much better and the pollution is small.