• Zircon Nozzle

    Zircon Nozzle

    Zircon nozzle is made of high-temperature refractory materials, and can also be used to connect the process, which plays a great role in controlling the flow of molten steel. The zirconium sizing nozzle has good shock and heat resistance, very high stability, and has a certain anti-corrosion function. It can effectively ensure the stability of molten steel inflow and ensure the normal processing of the processing procedure.

    MOQ: 500 pieces

  • Porous Plug and Seat Well Block

    Porous Plug and Seat Well Block

    Seat well block is made of corundum, chrome corundum and corundum spinel. It is the supporting product of separate and integral breathable brick, which has high thermal strength, good thermal stability, scour resistance and slag resistance. The breathable brick can effectively protect the breathable core brick, and it is the key supporting product to ensure the smooth implementation of bottom blowing argon function. Porous plug is a kind of new product with high life, energy saving and consumption reduction. The structure design is reasonable, and it has good thermal stability, anti-erosion, anti-erosion, and anti-permeability. It has the characteristics of high blowing rate, reliable operation and long service life.

    MOQ: 1 set

  • Ladle Shroud

    Ladle Shroud

    Ladle shroud also known as the protective sleeve, is mainly used between the ladle and the tundish. It is an important part of the connection between the ladle and the tundish. The lower part of the upper connecting ladle is connected with the water outlet of the sliding nozzle device, and the lower end extends into the tundish. It prevents the molten steel entering the tundish from the ladle from being re-oxidized and splashed; protects the molten steel from secondary oxidation during casting, improves the quality of the molten steel; reduces the deposition of oxide products in the steel on the inner wall of the nozzle, and extends the service life.

    MOQ: 100 pieces

  • Tundish Stopper

    Tundish Stopper

    Tundish stopper is a refractory rod that is installed in the steel bucket to control the opening and closing of the nozzle and the flow of molten steel by lifting displacement, also known as pottery stopper. It is composed of rod core, sleeve brick and plug brick. The rod core is usually made of plain carbon steel round steel with a diameter of 30-60mm.

    MOQ: 100 pieces