• Corundum-mullite bricks

    Corundum-mullite bricks

    Corundum mullite brick is a kind of refractory material containing high-purity alumina. Alumina is solidified in the square and forms low-expansion corundum mullite brick, which can increase the wet angle of the liquid relative to the refractory phase and improve the direct bonding.

    MOQ:5 tons

  • Alumina bubble brick

    Alumina bubble brick

    Alumina bubble brick is one of the ultra-high temperature material energy-saving insulation materials. It uses alumina hollow spheres as the main raw material and combines with other binders to fire alumina hollow spheres in a high temperature furnace at 1750

    MOQ: 5 tons

  • JM23 JM26 Insulating FireBrick

    JM23 JM26 Insulating FireBrick

    JM23 JM26 insulating firebricks are filled with high-purity clay, polylight balls and other materials to form a uniform pore structure. After extrusion molding, they are fired at high temperature. Each surface of the brick is mechanically polished to the required size. Insulating Firebrick Jm23 and Jm26 Insulating Fire Brick have light weight and  can work in high temperature circumstance.

    MOQ: 5 tons

  • insulation firebrick

    insulation firebrick

    The density of insulation firebrick is 0.60~1.25g/cm3, and the working temperature is 900°C to 1600°C. These bricks can reduce the cost of the foundation, reduce the cross-section of the frame, and save reinforced concrete can significantly save the comprehensive cost of the building. Compared with solid clay bricks, the overall cost of using lightweight bricks can be reduced by more than 5%. Lightweight bricks have good work ability and are easy to construct.

    MOQ:5 tons