Shandong Topower Pte Ltd


Invest in refractory engineering expertise to serve you
Our highly qualified engineers around the world use the latest tools and technologies to customize your refractory project from start to finish. Our Topower team is happy to discuss further with you.

Heat transfer calculation
Using industry standard software, our engineers can ensure that your refractory lining meets your cold surface temperature requirements and operating conditions.

Lining layout
Topower engineers work closely with you to optimize price and performance according to your specific operational needs. In addition to our complete integrated product portfolio, since we are familiar with various bricks, fibers, anchors and other accessories, you can rest assured that your refractory lining is top-notch.

Project-specific drying schedule
Since proper drying is critical to the service life of refractory linings, our experienced engineers can optimize the ideal drying schedule for you, saving you energy and improving the reliability of refractory materials.

Post time: Mar-10-2021