Shandong Topower Pte Ltd


Ensure safe and reliable refractory installation
Topower has a global network of well-trained and qualified supervisors to ensure the perfect installation of your refractory lining. According to your needs, from regular maintenance to complete turnkey projects, we can provide you with any or all of the following services:

♦ Select a qualified installation company that has been audited by safety and work quality standards
♦ Detailed material delivery and refractory material installation plan
♦ Define and follow up the safety plan for material handling and equipment operation
♦ Supervise the installers of third parties or customers
♦ Select and deliver necessary application equipment and well-trained operators
♦ Supervision after installation, including drying and waste disposal

Topower experts can also provide your team with special courses on best practices for refractory installations.

Post time: Mar-10-2021