Shandong Topower Pte Ltd


Earn trust: strict quality standards bring you the best
Topower has established a reputation for high-performance refractory materials, and attention to quality control has always been the main key to the success of our refractory linings on customer sites around the world.
In the quality control facilities of our ISO-certified refractory factory network, we strictly implement strict testing procedures from the received raw materials to the shipped finished products.
Application-oriented testing of our products is very important to ensure that our processes are closely coordinated with our customers, including routine testing for:

♦ Iron slag
♦ Molten aluminum
♦ Spalling
♦ CO effect
♦ Abrasion

Installation testing is another key element of our quality control philosophy, applicable to all methods from casting, painting to spraying concrete.
Topower has conducted rigorous testing to ensure that we continue to provide industry-leading customers with refractory products that they trust.

Post time: Mar-10-2021