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Do you know ceramic fiber blanket?

Detail display of ceramic fiber blanket

The ceramic fiber blanket is made by high-temperature melt spraying or spinning of raw materials into fibers, and is made by double-sided needle punching. Topower's ceramic fiber blanket can maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure when used in a neutral and oxidizing atmosphere.

What are the advantages of topower's insulation bricks?

Detail display of insulation brick

Insulation firebrick can be used for the back insulation of hot surface refractory lining or other refractory materials; it can also be used as refractory lining or insulation material for petroleum and chemical kilns. Lightweight insulation bricks have good work ability and are easy to construct.

Do you know about ceramic fiber board?

Ceramic fiber board is made of ceramic fiber cotton as raw material, adding a small amount of organic and inorganic binders and other additives, using fully automatic control, continuous production, and a streamlined production line with advanced technology.

Do you know ceramic fiber cotton?

Ceramic fiber bulk is a high-temperature refractory fiber made of high-purity raw materials through high-temperature melting, using blowing or spinning technology. The fiber has good chemical stability and can resist the erosion of most aggressive chemicals.