Soluble Fiber Paper

Short Description:

Soluble fiber paper is made of high-quality soluble fiber sprayed cotton, after crushing and beating, 6 times of slag removal process to become high-purity high-quality fiber, adding diluted binder to prepare pulp, fourdrinier pulp is vacuum-formed, after microwave After being evenly dried, roll and pack.

MOQ: 50 rolls

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Soluble fiber paper is a biodegradable green environmental protection product, without any irritation or harm to the human body and the environment. Ceramic fiber paper is evenly distributed, high tensile strength, good flexibility, no layering, no slag, and can be cut at will. It is a calcium-magnesium heat-insulating product produced by using the latest production technology and high-quality composite materials.


Soluble fiber paper has the feature of low shrinkage,  low thermal conductivity, low heat storage and good thermal stability. And also has high environmental protection and safety, strong mechanical processing which can long lasting.


Soluble fiber paper can used in the following situation:

1. Household appliances: such as ovens, high temperature cookers;

2. Insulation: chimneys, pipes, heat storage devices, high temperature equipment, automobile exhaust systems;

3. Metalworking: pressure cushions, seals and gaskets;

4. Petrochemical/power: thermal pads, boilers and pipes;

5. Ceramics and glass: ceramic firing kiln; glass kiln body insulation, expansion joints;

6. Environmental protection equipment: solid/waste gas treatment furnace, such as RTO furnace, etc.;

7. Mine life-saving equipment: such as life-saving cabins

Physical And Chemical Indicators

Brand / Properties

Soluble fiber paper

Specification Temp. (℃)


Working Temp. (℃)


Bulk Density (kg/m3)


Tensile Strength(MPa)


Moisture content (%)


Size (mm)

40000/30000/20000/10000 X610/1220X1/2/3/4/5

Productive Process

1.Raw material quality control including physical and chemical testing.

Put the selected raw materials in the furnace for high temperature spinning.

2.Needle with the needling machine.

3.Cut the board into the size required by the customer.

Packing And Shipping

Packaging  according to safety sea-exporting packing Standard
Dispatch : loading the finished packing material at factory by container Door toDoor
By hard paper carton(Outside)+plastic bags(inside).

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  • 1.Raw material quality control including physical and chemical testing.           
    2.Crushing and grinding of bulk raw materials.
    3. According to customer data sheet required to mixing Raw Material.
    Pressing or shaping the green brick depend on different raw material and brick shape.
    4.Dry the bricks at dryer kiln.
    5.Put the bricks into the tunnel kiln to burning by higher temp from 1300-1800 deg.
    6.The quality control department will inspect the finished refractory bricks random.

    Packaging  according to safety sea-exporting packing Standard
    Dispatch : loading the finished packing material at factory by container Door toDoor   
    By sea fumigated wooden pallet + plastic belt  + plastic film wrap.

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